Asian Women and Their Boobs

I know, this becomes more and more a site of just posting videos and pictures. Kind of reminds me of Facebook a bit… Anyway, I have to share this right here and right now:

The above video I found on Facebook because friends commented on it. They can go even further with boob vibrators:

And if you wanna see how Japanese can turn into wild monsters, check this out: “Japanese Infomercial Gets Out of Hand”

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Big dudes walking around in Wan Chai

These not so hot days I like going home by Tram a.k.a. Ding Ding — yes, the locals really call them Ding Ding, just because they make “ding ding” all day long when people cross the street without looking out for approaching Ding Dings. Today on my way home, I noticed an uncommonly tall dude tumbling around in front of one exit of Wan Chai MTR station. I was a bit slow in pulling my camera and start shooting, but if you pay close attention you may notice him 🙂

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Office Stock – What kind of snacks do you have in your office?

We have some free snacks in our office and due to incredible demand – we are mostly stocked with instant noodles, chips, chocolate and nuts. For drinks we have coffee, tee (black, red, green, flower, power), Coke, Pepsi, milk, ice tea. Here a photo one part of our cupboard with some instant noodles. Got to keep the coders happy! (and everyone else too :))

(photo was taken behind a glass wall, with very low light on a BlackBerry Torch – sorry for the bad quality)

What snacks do you have?

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China Copy – They can’t even take their own photos

I just received a spam email to a non-public business email address that is forwarded to multiple people. The title of that email is: 專業..CCTV..DVR.. (Tel: 6063 7382) So obviously this was a spam email and everyone of us is getting those every single day. We can’t do much about it and still, sometimes we even open those spam emails and take a look into them. This one was quite surprising.

This is what shows in that spam email:

IT Solutions


There were also other images with CCTV equipment and stuff.

Now everyone who reads Joel On Software might have already noticed that the photo above somehow appeared somewhere before. The actual article from Joel back in December 2008 “The new Fog Creek office” showed that very photo – here is the ‘original’ one:

(Courtesy Joel Spolsky at FogCreek)

I doubt that Chinese factory actually obtained a license to advertise their products with that image. Darn, the photo is not even one that has been taken with one of their CCTV cameras 🙂

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