7 Replies to “Des Auslaenders Privilegien in der Volksrepublik China”

  1. Wenn ein Bier 10 yuan kostet (unterer roter Kasten) und man 100 zur Verfuegung, wuerde ich es auf 10 Bier in dem Laden schaetzen. 😉

    Aber im Supermarkt kann man dafuer auch ungefaehr 33 relativ trinkbare Biere kaufen…


    WISH you 48 hours a day (wish it comes true) then you’ll have time enough to work in the office and work on your wife 😛

    Getting old with happy happier and happinest.


  3. Thanks May,

    but you were a kind of early as you like to be 😉

    So tomorrow i will remember your best wishes because i know you have put so much love in it… 🙂

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