How long do you need to get to your office?

Hong Kong is a nice place with lots of offices and most of those are cramped up on Hong Kong Island, often around the Central area. Therefore, a lot of people are rushing onto HK Island day after day, from the outlying islands, Kowloon the dark side or some even from Macau or China Mainland.

As we recently moved office, I finally got my direct sea harbour view and (coincidentally) got the office closer to my apartment. 🙂 For some reason, I woke up 5:45 this morning and could not go back to sleep again. I guess my usual sleeping pattern of around 7 hours worked last night too as I went to bed quite early. It was quite a weird feeling to walk through the streets of HK with barely any people out there. I passed may be 100 people on my walk and that is a crazy low number for a walk of a little less than 1 km. I even stopped by an ATM to get some cash and then continued walking.

At fluffy 24ºC and 57% humidity it took me pretty much exactly 8 minutes and 45 seconds door to door from home to the office (including the ATM stop).

How long do you need to get to work?

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Creativity with Colored Pencils at Work

I felt a bit like back in Kindergarten where I was encouraged to draw lots of funny pictures with pencils and crayons. (Yes, socialist Eastern Germany had colored pencils too!) Today I could really leverage from those years of experience and bring in all my creativity to colorize some squares on a sheet of paper. One of the most important questions these days had to be answered: What color pattern will the new office floor have? Nearly everyone participated and a couple of minutes later we had some funky sketches flying around:

Yes, at a workplace where nearly everything is done digitally there is still space for some ‘offline’ work.

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Programmierer verdienen mehr

Ich habe mich lange nicht mehr hier gemeldet. Das lag unter anderem daran, dass wir in ein neues Büro gezogen sind und es einiges zu tun gab. Ich musste somit also aus meinem alten Büro raus 🙁 Aber hier gibt es auch weiterhin noch nette After-Work Aktivitäten 😎

Endlich werden nun auch Programmier so behandelt, wie es sein soll! Intel Quad-Core mit soviel RAM wie reinpasst, eine superschnelle Graphikkarte mit zwei DVI-Ausgängen, an denen zwei 23″ Widescreen Monitore hängen; das macht insgesamt 3840×1080 Pixel. Code braucht Raum!

A proper programmer's desk
A proper programmer's desk

Ich konnte aber auch mein Auto und den Air Hockey Tisch behalten, was natürlich große Motivationsfaktoren bleiben 🙂

office_chevi office_airhockey

Kudos to Cass for the friggin’ awesome photos!

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