The day the BlackBerrys died

Sorry fuer das Posten externen und dazu noch englischen Inhalts. Aber der Artikel ist einfach nur zu geil!

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Time check, 5:19 a.m., fire up home computer, check MarketWatch Web site. British pound still rising. J.P. Morgan earnings good. BlackBerry service down across North America.

What! BlackBerry service down? Can’t be. Grab BlackBerry on desk, hit click wheel. Nothing. Turn it off and on. Again nothing. Stick device in chest pocket and read article on Web site.

5:25 a.m. — Head out front door. Check headlines on mobile phone. Call New York bureau to see if everyone else’s BlackBerrys are down. No one answers. Briefly consider whether NY has shut down as well. Could this be the catalyst to prick the private equity bubble? A simple technology wrench chucked into the vast wheel of hedge fund and private equity deal-making? Possible. Still no answer in NY.

5:47 a.m. — Arrive at dock for ferry service to San Francisco from Marin County. Reach into chest pocket to check BlackBerry again. Still down. Meet friend working on his handheld. It’s a Treo. Damn him.

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  1. Hi Koz, habe inzwischen meinen 8800, nettes Teil, wenn du mich mal bei Dir im ICQ frei machst, können wir uns gern mal austauschen.

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