Quick Insurance Research: What insurances do expats in Germany have?

Due to my need to sign up for insurances here in Germany (see car, legal expenses, etc), I asked myself:

“How do expats deal with that insurance topic?”

So I went out to two Facebook groups for expats in Germany and asked that question. These are the results I got:

In short, the three top most insurances are:

  1. Health insurance
  2. Third party liability insurance
  3. Car insurance

I find it interesting that TPL is ranked second and car insurance is only ranked third. Perhaps some folks thought that I meant “Car TPL” with the TPL, which is the one that’s required by law. Anyhow, it’s still an interesting result, I find.

Personally, I don’t really like insurances and I try to avoid as many as possible. But Germans love insurances for some reason. I heard someone say a few years ago:

“If there would be an insurance for not having the right insurance, Germans would sign up for that.”

Perhaps that’s a market gap right there? 🙂

A good way to start looking for an insurance of any kind is Tarifcheck24. It’s a great comparison website for insurances and it’ll help you find the best deal.

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One Reply to “Quick Insurance Research: What insurances do expats in Germany have?”

  1. It’s different with my country. In which people don’t really like insurance. If not cause of regulation of government, I think that may be the society is also avoid to pay the health insurance.. haha. The link that had you possed “Tarifcheck24”, it’s useful, thanks

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